The Wandering Inn D&D 5e Homebrew

I've made a bit of TWI-themed homebrew for D&D 5th edition.

Antinium (with 4 subraces)

This race is largely based on the official lizardfolk race, with some loxoxdon, simic, and other races mixed in there.

Base Antinium. The distinguishing feature of all Antinium is their weakness to water; mechanically, this manifests itself as disadvantage to ability checks and saving throws related to swimming, and disadvantage on all attack rolls while swimming or underwater. It's unclear how to cost this in terms of race balance, but I've put it as -0.75 ASI. This could make Antinium adventurers irrelevant in the right kind of campaign.

Antinium additionally have advantage on saves against charm, fear, and poison. I've scored this as being worth about 1.5 ASI, rating it as three situational advantages.

Finally all Antinium have 30 foot telepathy with other Antinium. It's not clear how big of a deal this is; the Detect Balance spreadsheet suggests that 30 foot telepathy is worth 1.5 ASI but I just don't see it. If you look at Ghostwise Halfling and compare it to the other halfing subraces their additional abilities are worth around 1 ASI, which I think is about the right place for Silent Speech. Restricting telepathy to Antinium, and the fact that running a group of all-Antinium adventurers would cause violence to erupt in basically every situtation, reduces it to 0.5 ASI in value.

4  - ASI +1
3  - Darkvision 60
3  - 13+Dex Armor
6  - Advantage on saves
1  - Hold Breath 15 mins
2  - Telepathy 30ft, limited to Antinium
-3 - Situational disadvantages (Landlocked)
16 - Total

Workers. I've costed out Extra Arms and Field Fortifications as worth a cantrip each (0.5 ASI). They are basically touch-range mage hand and mold earth.

16 - Base Antinium
4  - ASI +1
5  - Choice of ASI +1
2  - Cantrip (~ mage hand)
2  - Cantrip (~ mold earth)
29 - Total

Soldiers. The natural weapon and improved armor is worth 0.5 ASI each. I don't think not being able to speak is really that much of a malus, but I've cost it at -0.25 ASI.

16 - Base Antinium
8  - ASI +2
2  - AC+1 on Natural Armor
3  - 1d8 natural weapon
-1 - Communication troubles
28 - Total

Silent. The natural weapon here is tricky; I've cost it as 0.75 ASI but I'm unsure how having a finesse natural weapon will interact with things like rogue sneak attack and such. If this is too weak in playtesting either add the condition that you can use it without a free hand, or increase the damage to 1d6+dex.

16 - Base Antinium
8  - ASI +2
2  - 1d4 natural weapon
1  - Weapon is finesse
2  - Skill Proficiency
29 - Total

Flying. Basically the delayed magic series, like drow. Typically you'd get a 3rd level spell at 5th level, but it's sufficiently nerfed from the fly spell that I think giving it at 3rd is OK, since it's 1/2 speed and 1/10 duration, though in practice it won't make a difference, just means you can only use it during combat and not to explore, which is the main problem with granting PCs flight. At-will jump is interesting, but it's limited to your movement speed, so in practice you can't do things like leap huge chasms without taking the Dash action.

16 - Base Antinium
5  - Choice of ASI +1
2  - 1st level spell (nerfed feather fall)
3  - 1st level spell (at-will jump)
3  - 3rd level spell (nerfed fly)
29 - Total

Updates 27/9 I've nerfed Soldiers natural weapon to 1d6, since I think the extra AC on natural armor is a bit stronger than I originally thought. I've also clarified that the "limited flight" ability of Flying Antinium requires them to land every turn. This wording is taken from Totem Barbarian (thanks to Nailah for supplying the ref). Finally I decided to align the disadvantage on attack rolls for Landlocked to be more in line with the PHB rules around underwater combat, to make it easier for DMs to run.